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Speed Up Your Stakeholder Management Process with Jambo’s Workflow Automation

Britney Blomquist, December 28, 2022

If you want to improve your stakeholder management process by making it faster and easier, you’ll want to choose software with great workflows designed to help you reach your engagement project goals.

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Why You Can't Wait to Adopt Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) Software

Britney Blomquist, December 22, 2021

Why waiting to adopt an SRM means you’re losing valuable time and opportunities to lower your risks

If you’ve been researching how to streamline and simplify your stakeholder management efforts, you’ve likely already learned all about Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) software.

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3 Ways Jambo Improves Your Contact Management

Britney Blomquist, November 26, 2021

How Jambo SRM will help you organize your contacts so that you can engage and consult more effectively

Contact management is about more than just managing contact details as it can help you understand who you’re engaging and consulting with, what information they’ve shared with you and your teams, how best to communicate with them, and essential insights for your overall engagement.

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3 Reasons to Switch from Spreadsheets to SRM for Your Stakeholder Management

Britney Blomquist, November 24, 2021

Why it’s time to graduate from spreadsheets and start using an SRM to improve your stakeholder management

During your stakeholder engagement project, the data you collect will hold important insights and answers into your stakeholders, potential issues, new opportunities, and more. So, how you choose to manage your information will greatly impact how successful you and your teams will be with your stakeholder engagement project.

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3 Tips for Better Stakeholder Data Management

Britney Blomquist, October 25, 2021

How Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) software can help you take your data management beyond spreadsheets for better results

Data is the key to your stakeholder engagement projects, and how you manage that data will impact your project’s success.

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4 Ways Stakeholder Relationship Management Software Improves Teamwork

Britney Blomquist, October 22, 2021

With stakeholder engagement and consultation projects, you might be working with different stakeholder engagement practitioners, management teams, contractors, and various departments, all of whom may be engaging with your stakeholders or working on your project together, so teamwork is vital.

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4 Ways SRM Reports Help Your Stakeholder Engagement Projects

Britney Blomquist, September 29, 2021

Throughout your stakeholder engagement project, you’ll inevitably need to compile reports to meet various needs. These reports are crucial for the success of your project, so today, we’re sharing four ways Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) software reports will help with your stakeholder engagement projects.

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3 Ways Jambo's Tags Can Improve Your Stakeholder Management

Britney Blomquist, September 20, 2021

With tags, you can search, organize and understand your stakeholder engagement information faster and easier!

When you’re looking to improve your stakeholder management, you need to address the challenges you and your team are facing. Some of the biggest stakeholder management challenges we hear about are from using software and tools that are too complicated and time-consuming.

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