Sep 20, 2021  Britney Blomquist

3 Ways Jambo's Tags Can Improve Your Stakeholder Management

With tags, you can search, organize and understand your stakeholder engagement information faster and easier!

When you’re looking to improve your stakeholder management, you need to address the challenges you and your team are facing. Some of the biggest stakeholder management challenges we hear about are from using software and tools that are too complicated and time-consuming.

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Among many issues, complicated and time-consuming software will have your team avoiding the documentation process altogether, which creates gaps in your stakeholder engagement records and unnecessary risks for your project.

To meet this challenge, our Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) software, Jambo, is the fastest and easiest SRM. It simplifies how your organization manages your stakeholder engagement projects and offers powerful, user-friendly features to help you meet your stakeholder management goals.

The feature we’re focusing on today to help improve your stakeholder management process is Jambo’s tags. Jambo’s tags are so useful for stakeholder management and will help keep your stakeholder engagement information organized, accessible and understandable for your entire team.

What are tags in Jambo?

Jambo’s tags are inspired by social media hashtags and work very similarly! They are keywords that you and your team choose to help you attribute, search and understand your data very quickly and easily.

Among many great benefits, Jambo tags allow you to:

  • Keep your team on the same page
  • Easily organize your information
  • Keep track of trends, keywords, concerns or anything of interest
  • Simplify your data searches
  • Run tailored reports to gain powerful insights
  • Lower your project risks
  • Save you and your team valuable time

3 Ways Jambo's Tags Can Improve Your Stakeholder Management

1. Keep your team on the same page by choosing which tags you'll use and track throughout your project

While you can keep your tags open-ended and add new ones as your project progresses, at Jambo, we always recommend you brainstorm an agreed-upon list of tags that you and your team will use throughout your project/program to help focus your data.

This list of tags will act as a shared vocabulary for you and your team, which will make it easier to:

  • Manage your data
  • Keep spelling consistent
  • Gain richer insights
  • Keep track of any arising concerns or areas of interest
  • Search through your data quickly
  • Run great reports

With a focused list of tags, you won’t have to navigate multiple tags with the same word misspelled six different ways.

It’ll also help you avoid being overwhelmed by your data because your records will be more focused, organized, and understandable by tracking the most important tags to your organization.

Whether your chosen tags are used on your commitments, issues, or any logged engagements, the same language is being used everywhere within your project amongst your entire team. This consistency allows you to work together more easily to understand which tags are repeatedly appearing through your records so you can pull essential insights and vital understandings.

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2. Easily organize your information by using your tags at the project/program or global level

Tags at the project/program level are useful for your team when you want to track keywords or interests specific to only that project/program. This way, if you’re running multiple projects/programs, you can keep your tags separated.

Alternatively, if there’s information that will be of interest to your entire organization, Jambo allows you to use tags at the global level, too, so they’ve visible across every project/program that you have logged to Jambo.

3. Save valuable time for you and your team by running fast and useful reports with Jambo's tags

Whether it's to drill into a particular concern or interest, gain valuable insights, or respond to regulatory submission or freedom of information requests, you’ll need to run various reports throughout your project to meet different requirements. Without the right software, this can be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

With Jambo, you can customize and configure your reports using different filters, including Jambo’s tags. For example, you can run reports on a specific tag to find all logged information on that one tag.

If you want a more specific report, you can narrow it further by running all data on a specific tag that includes a particular stakeholder (or another topic of interest), so you only see information related to all your chosen filters.

These reports are fast and easy to run, so you can meet any tight deadlines and changing requirements at a moment’s notice.

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Next Steps: See Jambo's tags in action and understand how they can improve your stakeholder management

To learn more about how Jambo's tags will help you and your team improve your stakeholder management, book a 15-minute discovery call with a Jambo expert!

Published by Britney Blomquist September 20, 2021

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