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Speed Up Your Stakeholder Management Process with Jambo’s Workflow Automation

If you want to improve your stakeholder management process by making it faster and easier, you’ll want to choose software with great workflows designed to help you reach your engagement project goals.

But which software should you choose?

What about spreadsheets or a CRM for stakeholder management?

stakeholder relationship management software

For teams currently using spreadsheets, you’ve likely noticed that there are no workflows designed to help you achieve your stakeholder management tasks quickly and easily.

For teams using a CRM, there are some workflows that might help your stakeholder management process, like the contact management workflows, but overall, CRM is designed to help users manage their relationships and communications with customers, not stakeholders.

To learn more about the difference between CRM and SRM software, check out our 3-minute informational video by clicking the image below.

If you want to improve your stakeholder management process and make it faster and easier, our Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) software Jambo is an excellent option.

Why are workflows so crucial for an SRM?

A few ways that workflow automation can help to improve the user experience is through:

  • Thoughtful design that ensures the software is easy to navigate
  • Automating task attribution to streamline data entry and simplify task management
  • Anticipating the user’s needs and helping users reach goals quickly and easily

Well-designed workflows have the potential to improve the user experience, which can improve team productivity and help contribute towards better results in your engagement and consultation projects.

Jambo’s workflow automation

stakeholder data management

Jambo’s workflow automation helps to anticipate your needs, solve problems and allows you to work more efficiently towards your project goals.

We’ve carefully designed our SRM with multiple workflows to match a variety of human processes (which means Jambo has been designed to meet your team’s various needs as we know not everyone on your team will want to use software in the same ways).

Keep reading to learn four different ways Jambo’s workflow automation will speed up and improve your stakeholder management process!

1. Jambo’s stakeholder profiles help you prepare for stakeholder meetings in as little as a few minutes

Software workflows should help you accomplish your goals—When it comes to stakeholder engagement projects, we know that improving stakeholder meetings to build positive stakeholder relationships is a big goal for teams.

Quickly overview the stakeholder’s contact and engagement history

To be well-prepared for any meeting, you must understand everything that stakeholder has shared with your organization. If this information isn’t accurately logged and well-organized, it can be time-consuming to find the overviews you’ll need to engage effectively.

Luckily, Jambo’s workflows organize your data so that it’s all easily available for you. You can gain quick updates on:

  • Contact information
  • The full history of engagement
  • Any issues the stakeholder has raised or been part of
  • Any commitments you or your team has made to that stakeholder

No matter what information you require, Jambo has it all organized and understandable, so you can gain a full overview to prepare for your next meeting to help you engage better and build stronger relationships.

Traceability: Your data connects to tell the full story of engagement

Jambo traceability connects your engagement records together, helping you to see the big picture of what’s happening with your stakeholders.

If you’re reviewing a stakeholder issue in the software, you can see connecting information such as the original communication where the issue was first raised, the history of progress with the issue, and other records. This unique connectivity allows you quickly navigate engagement records and understand other issues, commitments, tasks that may have arisen during your engagement with the stakeholder. Jambo will help quickly lead you to the information that will help you succeed and engage more meaningfully.

Jambo’s global view: Updates from previous projects

You might also encounter situations where you need overviews on stakeholder information from other projects your organization has run.

Whether you want an update on the engagement efforts of another team in your organization or want to look at engagements with a current stakeholder who was part of a previous project, you’ll want to know where to find this information quickly.

Jambo’s global view feature gives those with access the ability to easily view all the information across projects/programs, giving users the organized overviews filled with the information they need.

With Jambo, you’re never caught off guard in meetings

Having access to stakeholder profiles help ensure you’re always prepared for your meetings and never caught off guard with the dreaded comment, “I already told your organization about this. Don’t you talk?”

With Jambo, you’ll never have to look at another messy spreadsheet before your meeting. Instead, you simply log into the SRM and gain the info you need, on demand.

Even when you and your teams are on the go, Jambo’s responsive design lets your engagement info go with you and can offer you helpful updates and overviews while you’re heading to a meeting or whenever you’re away from the office.

2. Jambo works with multiple devices, so you have it everywhere you go

Whether you have engagement practitioners or contractors working in the field or want access to your stakeholder information when you’re working remotely, Jambo is available anywhere you have an internet connection.

Jambo has been optimized to work on various devices, so whether you’re working from your laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can see everything you would see on your office desktop.

Extra benefits of using Jambo on your smartphone

Jambo features

While you’re working from your smartphone, if it has a microphone, you can use the voice-to-text function to help you input your stakeholder data even faster.

This is an excellent benefit for those who have just finished a stakeholder meeting and want to input everything while it’s still fresh in their mind or for anyone who doesn’t enjoy typing in their data.

3. Jambo’s workflows can help you mitigate stakeholder issues more effectively

Stakeholder issues can be very time-consuming, especially when you cannot resolve them quickly. You’ll need to monitor them continuously, take steps towards resolution and make any necessary adjustments to your plan regarding the issues.

As more issues arise, things can become further complicated with more severe risks, so effective issues management workflows can be a game-changer.

Jambo’s automatic issues timeline

Jambo has an automatic timeline that’s created to show you the steps you and your team are taking towards issue resolution.

The incremental updates within the Jambo issues management module allow you to capture your stakeholder engagements and any outcomes into bite-sized pieces that flow back into your timeline, so you can visually understand where you’re at with your project’s issues.

This issues timeline feature is very beneficial for teams who need an easy way to stay up to speed with project updates.

Autosuggestions: Stakeholder roles

Many of your stakeholders likely hold several roles (e.g., someone may be a business owner, council member, and employee of an organization). So, whether you’re dealing with a stakeholder issue or logging a general engagement, adding your stakeholder’s role at the time of engagement will give you and your teams an essential insight into your stakeholder’s perspectives. However, you want to ensure that you’re attributing the right information to the right stakeholder, which is where Jambo’s autosuggestions can help.

Jambo’s autosuggestions are an effective and easy solution to help streamline the inputting process so that it’s quick and easy, helping to keep your data organized, accurate and consistent.

When you’re on an engagement record in Jambo and begin typing in a person’s name, Jambo’s autosuggestion workflows will start suggesting any logged roles related to that person. These workflows help you correctly attribute the engagement to the right person and their correct roles faster and easier.

Especially when you’re dealing with time-sensitive issues, these Jambo autosuggestions will help you stay on top of your data quickly and easily, empowering you to engage more meaningfully towards the eventual resolution of each issue.

4. Jambo’s email integration helps you log email communications instantly

You can’t email a spreadsheet and have it automatically log and organize your data, which is unfortunate as email integration workflows are a huge timesaver, especially in stakeholder management.

As email is one of the more common forms of communication amongst stakeholders and teams (and many others), Jambo’s email integration workflows are a great feature and time-saving benefit.

Jambo’s email integration will speed up your process while keeping everything organized

stakeholder data management

With Jambo’s email integration, your emails are automatically logged as records in the software as soon as you send the email. These records are organized, easy to read and will automatically associate the email with any known stakeholders logged in the system without you having to do any extra work.

Additionally, Jambo will add attachments from the email (like PDFs or images) to the record.

This simple and powerful integration will save you and your teams significant time while ensuring your team’s engagement emails are also organized and accessible.

What else can Jambo offer your organization to improve your stakeholder management?

Well-designed workflows and a faster, more enjoyable user experience are only a few of the benefits Jambo can offer you and your teams.

Jambo can also:

  • Lower your project risks
  • Improve your teamwork
  • Help you build stronger stakeholder and community relationships
  • Streamline your data management
  • Help you resolve your issues and commitments quickly and effectively
  • Improve your stakeholder meetings
  • Help you maintain your sustainability certifications
  • Gain buy-in from decision-makers and regulators
  • Contribute to the success of your projects
  • And more!

Don’t miss our next Jambo demo!

To get a full look at Jambo and to learn what value it can offer you and your teams, book a 15-minute call with a Jambo expert!

Published by Britney Blomquist December 28, 2021

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