Oct 27, 2021  Britney Blomquist

How Jambo Can Help You Solve 4 Common Data Management Problems

How our Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) Software can help you get the most from your stakeholder data by overcoming 4 common data management problems

Four common data management problems in stakeholder management

  1. Challenging for your teams to collaborate on your data efficiently
  2. Contractor/Team data entry errors create dirty data
  3. Difficult to make sense of your data to pull key insights
  4. Hard to know when your data has been updated (and by whom)

In today’s blog, we’ll briefly talk about each problem and share how Jambo can help you and your teams solve these four common data problems for better stakeholder management practices!

Problem 1: Challenging for your teams to collaborate on your data efficiently

In stakeholder engagement, you’re often working with a team (or multiple teams) that may include contractors and team members working remotely, so effective collaboration is key to the success of your project.

The problem: When your teams can’t coordinate their stakeholder engagement activities and easily share their progress and updates within a single software, your teams can’t fully collaborate.

This creates a disconnect, so not everyone is on the same page. This makes it challenging to understand the progress of your stakeholder project and difficult to decide on the next steps. This can also increase risks from missing important updates, especially around stakeholder issues and commitment deadlines.

How Jambo helps:

  • Cloud-based – As a top-of-the-line, cloud-based Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) software, Jambo ensures your teams will have access to the software from wherever they are working (as long as they have an internet connection). This gives everyone updated access to the data and insights into what progress has been made by the team.
  • Higher adoption rates – Compared to manual systems (like spreadsheets) and some competitor SRM options, Jambo improves user adoption rates, which is vital for collaboration. With your whole team using Jambo, you can ensure all your data is logged in the system, so it’s accessible for everyone to use and learn from.
  • Gain team insights quickly – With Jambo, you know your whole team has access to all your logged data within one single platform, so you can all understand who your team is talking to, how they’ve been engaging and what has been said or promised, all without sending unnecessary emails or other check-ins.
  • Task management – Jambo’s task management feature allows you to assign and monitor team tasks within the software, so everyone knows what they’re responsible for and whether tasks have been completed. This way, everyone is accountable and on the same page.

Want to learn 4 ways Jambo makes your stakeholder management easier? Check out our blog!

Problem 2: Your team’s data entry errors create dirty data

With multiple team members collecting and inputting your stakeholder data, the data entry practices must be consistent and accurate.

The problem: Unclear inputting processes mixed with human error can result in various data issues like incorrect entries, incomplete entries, duplicate data, spelling errors and more. Unfortunately, without reliable access to accurate, updated and organized data, this will impact your ability to use your data to make good project decisions and reduce project risks.

How Jambo helps:

  • User-friendly  A common reason for data entry errors is using software that isn’t user-friendly. This makes inputting unnecessary frustrating for your teams and results in inconsistent, incomplete or incorrect data. Luckily, with Jambo’s stakeholder-focused workflows and user-centric design choices, your team will easily understand how to use the system consistently and will even enjoy the data inputting process.
  • Fast to use – It’s common to make errors when we feel the need to rush. Understanding that teams don’t often have a lot of extra time, Jambo has streamlined the inputting process making data entry faster and easier than ever before. Whether you want to use the voice-to-text capability, log email communications to your project automatically, log a new communication record or search for data, Jambo has been designed to help you input and find your data quickly and easily.
  • 5-step implementation process Organizations are busy, and with new people coming onto teams, it can be challenging to get everyone properly trained in your SRM. When you choose Jambo, your customer success representative will help you throughout the implementation process. From defining goals, offering advice on how best to set up your project(s), helping you import your current data, and providing quick and easy hands-on training, you're guided through the entire process. Afterwards, you're ready to easily teach your other team members (and any new recruits) so that everyone has the training and resources they need to succeed. With everyone trained on how Jambo works, you can be sure everyone is using the system the same way, which will mean consistent data inputting.

Learn about Jambo’s easy 5-step implementation process here!

Problem 3: Difficult to make sense of your data to pull key insights

stakeholder relationship management

Your data is only valuable for you if you can access it and understand it, so you need to ensure you can make sense of the important data you and your teams are collecting.

The problem: For teams whose data is scattered in multiple places (as is common when using spreadsheets), it’s nearly impossible to try and make sense of all that data together, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of it. Without having all your data streamlined and connected, you’re at risk of missing data, important updates and insights.

Even if your data is all located in one location, if it’s not organized and doesn’t make sense, you might still miss those key updates and insights.

How Jambo helps:

  • Traceability - Your data needs to tell you the full story of what’s happening in your engagement project. With Jambo, all your inputted data connects together, helping you understand your stakeholders and projects more efficiently (this is called traceability). For example, in Jambo’s stakeholder profiles, you gain a quick overview of a stakeholder’s previous engagements, including communications, issues, commitments and other data associated with them, all within a single profile that connects all their data. This traceability goes well beyond the profiles as it works throughout Jambo, helping you find and understand your data while leading you towards the related information you might not have previously known about with Jambo’s suggestions and easy platform navigation.
  • Prevents data lossYou can't make sense of your data if you've lost it. Data loss can occur in several ways (e.g., when data wasn't logged properly by a team member who leaves the project and takes this information with them). Additionally, if your team isn't logging their stakeholder data at all and just storing it in their heads instead of sharing it in the organization's database, you're at risk of losing vital updates about those stakeholder relationships. With Jambo's user-friendly system, you'll prevent data loss as your teams will all be using the same SRM to log their data consistently. This way, you always have access to all your data, even if people leave the organization or move to a different project. With all your data organized and accessible, you can learn from it and use it for better project outcomes.
  • Reporting options – You can learn a lot from your stakeholder data, but keeping it organized and understandable can be a challenge. With Jambo’s reporting options, you can roll up your data into organized and understandable reports all within minutes. Whether you want a report on everything you’ve logged, all the logged data on just one stakeholder, or a report on all current and previous project issues, you can create your desired reports faster than ever. With Jambo, you can access all your updated data and make the reports you need to pull the vital insights required to keep your project moving forward.

Want to learn how SRM reports can help your engagement projects? Check out our blog!

Problem 4: Hard to know when your data has been updated (and by whom)

stakeholder relationship management software

To fully understand what's happening in your engagement project, you need to know: 

  • what your teams are working on
  • where all your data is
  • when it's been updated
  • who made the latest changes

The problem: Software that hasn’t been designed for stakeholder management isn’t going to be able to organize your stakeholder relationship data understandably and effectively. Beyond various stakeholder management challenges that arise from using the wrong software or platform, you won’t be able to quickly understand who’s updated your data last or whether you’re working with the most recent versions of the data, which is a significant problem.

How Jambo helps:

  • Audit trail – With Jambo’s data audit trails, you can see who made changes last. This way, if anything needs to be clarified, or if something accidentally gets deleted or changed, you know who to check with and can access the previous data logs.
  • Advanced security logs - Beyond the user-facing audit trails, Jambo also has advanced activity and security logs that track changes to the system behind the scenes. This provides additional peace of mind for management and IT teams.
  • Keeps your data centralized in a single system – As we’ve mentioned, if people leave your project, you want to keep all their data logged and accessible in your organization’s database. This way, you and your team will still have access to their data and will be able to keep everything updated and together. With a user-friendly, cloud-based, centralized SRM like Jambo, you know all your team’s data is being logged into the same system, so you know it’s all available, secure and updated.

See what Jambo can do for your stakeholder management 

There’s so much more to Jambo than we can talk about in a short blog, so to understand what Jambo can offer your team to solve your data problems, book a 15-minute discovery call!

Published by Britney Blomquist October 27, 2021

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