Feb 27, 2020  Britney Blomquist

Top 3 Reasons to Join a Jambo Live Web Demo

How Our Demos Help You to Evaluate Jambo on Your Terms

Joining a live web demo is an excellent option if you want to learn more about Jambo and investigate whether it's the right Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) software for your organization.

Jambo helps organizations manage their stakeholder information and understand the progress of their stakeholder engagement and consultation projects and programs.

At its core, Jambo empowers users to quickly and easily log and track stakeholder communications and interactions. These interactions aren’t always straightforward to track because stakeholders communicate in different ways, depending on many different factors. So, we've developed Jambo to be versatile to work within multiple industries and accommodate multiple approaches.

To understand how Jambo can help your organization solve stakeholder relationship management challenges and meet your unique goals, we always recommend doing a demo of the software. Participating in a live web demo is an easy way to do this, and we'll tell you a little more about why in the sections below!

1. Multiple Features

When evaluating Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) software, people commonly have a particular use in mind (like how an SRM can help manage stakeholder issues), and they often come to a demo focused on this specific use without realizing all that Jambo has to offer until they see the software in action.

Once users see the complexity of the software in a demo environment and begin to understand how the features work together, they better understand how managing stakeholder relations, engagements and consultations can be done more efficiently and effectively and how Jambo can help their organization.

Jambo is unique in that we've designed it to follow stakeholder engagement specific workflows. We’ve added flexibility and versatility to the platform and features, which means you can set up your Jambo account to better align with how your organization operates while still ensuring you can transform its stakeholder information management processes.

2. Industry-Specific Concerns

In our industry-focused live-web demos, we go through an example project often seen within your industry (e.g. government demos might focus on a bike lane implementation plan or a new wildland park project). This example will help you to understand better how Jambo can help your organization reach its stakeholder engagement and consultation goals.

We realize that each organization is unique, as are their projects, programs and processes, which is why a demo is our preferred way to share what Jambo can offer. With a demo, we can do a deep dive into our features and help you answer any questions you may have.

3. Clearer Understanding

No one knows your organization or projects better than you, and by seeing the software in action, you'll have a fuller understanding of Jambo and how its features flow together in a user-friendly way.

Once you see the software, it becomes clear how it can work for your organization to help you solve your stakeholder relations, engagement or consultation challenges. With this deeper understanding, you'll be better able to evaluate Jambo for your organization on your terms, leaving the power of the decision in you and your team’s hands.

Jambo Live-Demo: What to Expect

Our live web demos are:

  • Easy to sign up for (fill in a form, and we’ll send you an invite)
  • One-hour long
  • Free
  • No pressure (there's no pushy sales team on the other end of the line)
  • Shareable with your team (i.e. you can invite your teammates so they can join the live demo too)

During a live web demo, participants will learn about Jambo, why and how it was developed and see the software in action including the communications, contacts, issues, commitments, and tasks modules. We’ll also show you some of our out-of-the-box reports and how you can build custom reports.

Participants are welcome to ask questions at any time or just sit back and observe!

Live Demo

Ready? Sign up for one of our upcoming live web demos!


Published by Britney Blomquist February 27, 2020

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