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3 Ways Jambo Improves Your Contact Management

By Britney Blomquist on November 26, 2021

How Jambo SRM will help you organize your contacts so that you can engage and consult more effectively Contact management is about ...

How Jambo Can Help You Solve 4 Common Data Management Problems

By Britney Blomquist on October 27, 2021

How our Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) Software can help you get the most from your stakeholder data by overcoming 4 common ...

3 Tips for Better Stakeholder Data Management

By Britney Blomquist on October 25, 2021

How Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) software can help you take your data management beyond spreadsheets for better results ...

4 Ways Stakeholder Relationship Management Software Improves Teamwork

By Britney Blomquist on October 22, 2021

With stakeholder engagement and consultation projects, you might be working with different stakeholder engagement practitioners, ...

4 Ways SRM Reports Help Your Stakeholder Engagement Projects

By Britney Blomquist on September 29, 2021

Throughout your stakeholder engagement project, you’ll inevitably need to compile reports to meet various needs. These reports are ...

3 Ways Jambo's Tags Can Improve Your Stakeholder Management

By Britney Blomquist on September 20, 2021

With tags, you can search, organize and understand your stakeholder engagement information faster and easier! When you’re looking to ...

4 Ways Jambo Helps You Manage Stakeholder Risks

By Britney Blomquist on August 26, 2021

There are inevitable risks that will arise during your stakeholder engagement and management process, so having the ability to ...

5 Ways Government Can Use Jambo for Better Stakeholder Relationships

By Britney Blomquist on July 27, 2021

If you're part of a government department, office, agency, or crown corporation and you're doing government-led citizen and ...

4 Ways Jambo Makes Your Stakeholder Management Easier

By Jambo on June 25, 2021

Whether you want to improve your stakeholder relationships, stay on top of issues or lower your project risks, utilizing Stakeholder ...

10 Signs it's Time to Use Stakeholder Relationship Management Software (SRM)

By Britney Blomquist on May 26, 2021

Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) software is designed to simplify and streamline the stakeholder management process by giving ...